Beers with ideas

Perivale began when our Head Brewer, Mike Siddell, took an interest in the art of brewing. After an internship at London Fields brewery, Mike built an experimental setup on board his narrow boat home, including piping that ran outside into the canal for controlled cooling! Known at Trinity Music College as ‘Mad Mike’, our founder is a passionate brewer, forager and chef, who also happens to be a gifted violinist, playing in bands like Hope of The States, Mumford & Sons and The Leisure Society. When the latter band were releasing their third album (Alone Aboard The Ark), Mike designed a beer to promote the album (Brewed Aboard The Ark). Not only did this help generate coverage in national press, radio and online, but the beer was exceptional. At this point, his bandmate Christian Hardy suggested they turn Mike’s talent into a real business, brewing unique beers for bands, brands, events and individuals. Their first client was a creative agency called Waste, run by an affable Kiwi called Mike Petricevic. Together, they created WPA (Waste Pale Ale), a bottled beer that replaced the agency’s business cards, earning tonnes of press, and tasting amazing. From hereon, the three friends started inventing all kinds of unique beers with ideas, investing in a larger setup on dry land over at Horsenden Farm.

Friends of Horsenden Hill

Our brewery is part of a collective called ‘Friends of Horsenden Hill’, who work in partnership with Ealing council to look after the farm buildings and surrounding land. There are regular community events on the site, including wood carving, bug hunts, Morris-dancing, farming days, guided walks, and of course - taproom days! (There’s even a Gruffalo trail that passes right by our front door.) We grow our own hops on the farm and make use of everything that’s on our doorstep - foraged fruits & herbs, fresh honey and loads of enthusiastic volunteers!

Putting the ale in Perivale

There are hardly any pubs in Perivale, and most residential properties have restrictive covenants in the title deeds stating that alcohol can’t be sold. Our mission is to bring amazing beer back to the area. Because of our unique relationship with Ealing Council and the Friends of Horsenden Hill, we hope to make our brewery an iconic new beer destination in London, not out East with everyone else, but West, where we’re needed.